MailChimp and Paul Jarvis #LetsRoll

After busting my ass for a few years in college, it's done. That's right folks...Salutatorian and all of the confusion that goes with graduating college is here. I'm forty years old and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. What I DO have is one helluva list of things that haven't worked or that I really don't care for so I'm starting there. First things first, I enjoy helping people and I enjoy a lot of things web so here we are. Now what you ask. I ran across this guy named … [Read more...]

What Are You Doing?

I suppose like a lot of people, I've been reflecting on the past year - what I've accomplished, what I didn't, and what I intend to strive for in 2013. The majority of my time is spent between work & college, which doesn't leave much time after it's all said and done. With that said, I started college about two years ago and if you had told me that I could find the time to finish all of the homework I've completed in that two years - I would have said you were nuts! So... on goes the quest … [Read more...]

Let’s Roll

After a lot of encouragement from friends & family (we'll call it that because I'm not clear on where the line is between encouragement & harassment) I'm finally getting the ball rolling on my own site. I know, I know...I'm a computer nerd & I am SUPPOSED to have my own site. I could make you a long list of reasons why it's taken me so long but I'll spare you. We're all busy & the point of this whole thing is to try to add some value to the wonderful world of the web instead of … [Read more...]