Custom Montezuma Header

Montezuma Theme Header

After several people leaving comments & emailing to ask about how I was able to place my logo in the header I thought I’d do a step-by-step post. If you’re like me, I don’t want to wait on someone to respond – especially if I can find the info to help me learn as I go.

Let’s get started..

Step 1

Login to your Dashboard and find your way around to Appearance > Montezuma Options

Montezuma Header









Step 2

Now find your way to Sub Templates

Montezuma Custom Header









Step 3

Once you’ve clicked on Sub Templates, you’ll see a list of files as shown below. Click on header.php

WordPress Montezuma Custom Header









Step 4

Once you’ve clicked on header.php you’re going to see some of the code that makes this portion of the page work. I’ve highlighted the lines that I’ve made changes to for you to compare to what you currently have.

Custom Montezuma Header



This guide assumes that you have some working knowledge of how to insert media files and minimal coding skills. If you’re not comfortable with editing code or need more help than is shown please let me know!

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