Open source design: claiming ownership over design conventions

Luc Kickken Luc is UX designer and front-end developer at Yoast. He has a Master’s degree in Spatial Planning, but decided to pursue his passion for design, illustration and development after graduating. Design sameness Inspiration is at the heart of design. When we – as designers – try to solve a problem we tend to • Read More »

The Ultimate SEO Tool: Ubersuggest 3.0

In 2018, I promised you I would release a better version of Ubersuggest for free, and I did that. But there was one big issue: Ubersuggest only worked on a keyword level. When you put in a keyword, you get a list of more keyword ideas and content ideas. And then when you put in • Read More »

Meet Yoast’s new CEO: Marieke van de Rakt!

Willemien Hallebeek Willemien is Content Team Lead at Yoast. She loves to create and organize content in such a way that it helps people understand SEO. As of today, Marieke van de Rakt will be the new CEO of Yoast. Marieke, founder of Yoast Academy and former Chief Strategy Officer at Yoast, is thrilled to • Read More »

7 reasons to come to YoastCon

Marieke van de Rakt Marieke is partner at Yoast. She runs our academy, marketing and research departments. She loves to write about content SEO and site structure. Tickets to YoastCon are selling very quickly! And people from all over the world will be joining us. We’ve sold tickets to a lot of people from the • Read More »

What is Google Search Console?

Jono Alderson Jono is a digital strategist, marketing technologist, and full stack developer. He’s into technical SEO, emerging technologies, and brand strategy. Google Search Console (or ‘GSC’ for short) lets webmasters monitor and manage their websites through an official portal, and is crammed full with useful statistics. Having access to tools and data provided directly by • Read More »