Black Friday: Get serious with your site, go Yoast SEO Premium

Nobody wants to perform for an empty room. If you have a website, you want traffic. You want conversions and sign-ups. The best and most sustainable way to attract traffic is by performing well in the search engines. To get there, your site needs technical excellence, a fantastic site structure and an awesome content strategy. And that’s just the start. If you are serious about reaching your goals, you need Yoast SEO Premium. Let us explain.

Get serious with your content

Your content is still one of the most important aspects of your site. Plus, it’s one of the parts of SEO that you have the most control over. You do keyword research to determine what you want to write about and you write articles that answer questions people might have. It’s important to invest the time needed to really get to know your subject so you can write the best possible article about it. Mediocre work should not be good enough for you.

Yoast SEO comes with a couple of analyses that help you improve your content so that search engines and readers can find and understand it. But if you are an avid writer, this might not be good enough. You want to aim for a higher level of quality. If so, you need to use the smarter analysis in Yoast SEO Premium. The word form feature alone is worth its weight in gold — and we haven’t even mentioned the synonym and related keyphrases feature!

Thanks to a couple of intelligent additions, your writing and editing experience will become much more natural. Now, the plugin can help discover your focus keyphrase in complex sentences, even when the words are far apart — or in a different grammatical form. As a result, you can focus on writing and producing that high-quality piece of content your reader is looking for!

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Get serious with your internal linking

When your site grows, you might get a tough time linking everything together efficiently. That’s a pity because adding the right internal links helps search engines and readers alike explore your website more easily.

Efficient internal linking is especially important when you have a lot of content because without it, you might be cannibalising yourself. Without proper internal linking search engines have a hard time determining what the most important articles on your site are. As a result, multiple similar articles from your site might start ranking for the same terms.

To combat this and many other issues, Yoast SEO Premium offers internal linking suggestions. This appears in the sidebar when you write your article and automatically show related content you could link to. Simply copy and paste the relevant links and you are on your way!

Get serious with your site maintenance

Neglecting your site is one of the worst things you can do. You might have had good rankings at one point, but what if search engines recrawled your site and found dead links, server errors, outdated content and incomplete information about your business? It’s hard to reach the top and even harder to stay there. Losing good rankings is the stuff of nightmares. No one will want to visit a site that’s been neglected. It’s simply not trustworthy.

You should always see your site as a work in progress — there’s always something to improve. Every day, you learn something new and put those learning into even better content, for instance. This also goes for maintenance and improving your site structure. Content maintenance should be a priority — updating, rewriting and deleting pages is something you do regularly.

Luckily, Yoast SEO Premium has tools that help you get serious with site maintenance. The redirect manager, for instance, helps you easily redirect those nasty 404 error pages to relevant pages on your site. You don’t have to ask your developer anymore!

Get serious with your SEO skills (free SEO training courses with Premium!)

Yoast SEO Premium can do a lot of awesome stuff for you, but it can’t do everything. SEO is hard work. You can’t buy a plugin, install it and wait for the traffic to come flooding in. If only it was that easy. You need to put in the hours. Improve your site. Improve your content. Don’t assume that everything is awesome, like our favourite Lego minifig Emmett likes to say. Make it awesome.

That’s not easy, we know. We built Yoast SEO to help you do the heavy lifting, but there are other things to do that don’t fit in a plugin. Luckily, we found another way of helping you gain the skills you need to rank your site: Yoast SEO academy!

Yoast SEO academy has thirteen in-depth training courses that give you everything you need, from keyword research to technical SEO. Best of all? Get a Yoast SEO Premium subscription and you’ll receive free access to all current and future courses.

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Today, your site must be impeccable. You must work on the overall technical quality of your site and build a site structure that makes everything immediately clear for search engines. Describe your content to search engines with the best possible Schema structured data implementation. Provide relevant, epic content to your readers. Satisfy their questions in enjoyable ways. It’s a lot, right?

Luckily, we do everything we can to help you out. Yoast SEO Premium is your beacon — make use of it!

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Unlock powerful features and much more for your WordPress site with the Yoast SEO Premium plugin!

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