Black Friday weekend sale: Yoast goes green

Let’s go! The Black Friday sale at Yoast has started! Buy Yoast SEO Premium, the #1 WordPress SEO plugin, or one of our other premium plugins now and get a whopping 30% discount! Now is the time to put some extra love and attention into your site! Give your website the love it deserves and benefit from the biggest sale of the year!

Buy Yoast SEO Premium now!

Unlock powerful features and much more for your WordPress site with the Yoast SEO Premium plugin!

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Go green with the green bullets of Yoast SEO

This year’s Black Friday sale at Yoast is all about going green. Getting your bullets green in Yoast SEO can be hard work! Yoast SEO Premium makes it just a bit easier. And, those green bullets will help you write better texts and rank higher in those search engines. So get serious about SEO and go green with Yoast SEO Premium!

Go green with a greener planet

Going green is about getting your bullets green, but those bullets are not the only thing we care about at Yoast. So, in the spirit of going green, we’ll plant one tree for every order we receive during this Black Friday Weekend. That way, you’re not only getting more green bullets, we’re also making the world a bit greener. If you buy your Yoast SEO Premium plugin now, you’ll benefit from higher rankings and from a greener planet! That’s a no-brainer!

Go green with organic search and sustainable SEO

This weekend at Yoast, we’ll go green all the way. Stay tuned and read all about our amazing products that’ll help you to get all those bullets green. Above that, we’ll tell you about sustainable SEO and the pros and cons of artificial intelligence. And, we’ll dive into the importance of organic search. It’s all about going green!

And don’t miss out on the biggest discount of the year, which gives you a 30% discount on all of Yoast’s plugins and bundles. Make sure to check them out!

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