Meet the new board of Yoast!

We have exciting news! We have welcomed two new board members and partners: Chaya Oosterbroek is our new COO and Thijs de Valk is our new CCO. Marieke van de Rakt will remain our CEO, Joost de Valk is unstoppable as our Founder and CPO and Omar Reiss will stay on board as our CTO.

Welcome Chaya and Thijs!

Chaya Oosterbroek is the new Chief Operations Officer at Yoast. Chaya is a social entrepreneur, a seasoned business-woman and an experienced director. She knows everything about optimizing business processes. “I am really excited about working at Yoast,” Chaya says, “I am really excited about leading Yoast to the next level of entrepreneurship to improve the web even further. I truly believe embracing diversity, enabling talent and creating opportunities is the way forward.” Read our interview with Chaya to get to know her better.

Chaya Oosterbroek is the new Chief Operations Officer at Yoast — photo by Rob Voss

Thijs de Valk is the new Chief Commercial Officer at Yoast. Thijs is a user experience expert and has a gift for optimizing conversion and sales. He’ll help us grow Yoast even further. “I’ve known Yoast since its inception and have always marvelled at its products and its growth. It’s such an honor to now be made responsible for the growth and sales of Yoast.” Thijs says, “Helping Yoast grow will not only grow the company, but also the impact we have on WordPress and open source. I truly believe that this impact will improve the web as a whole!”

Thijs de Valk is the new Chief Commercial Officer at Yoast — photo by Rob Voss

Let’s hear what the board has to say

Want to know even more about our board? Our page about the board of Yoast contains everything you want to know!

Why the changes in our board of directors?

Yoast has grown rapidly over the last 10 years. Today, more than 120 people work for Yoast. We’ve hired people from all over the world to work with us. We had to say goodbye to one of our former directors. A lot has changed. Those changes ask for directors with strong leadership and management skills. We’re really lucky to have found those people. The new board of Yoast now consists of five true entrepreneurs, partners that will lead and share responsibility for the growth of Yoast. Our new board is ready to take on the world! 

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