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Yoast Academy is branching out! You’re probably familiar with our collection of SEO courses. But without a functional website, good luck trying to get it ranked! The better you set up your site, the easier it is to make sure it gets found and enjoyed by your audience. That’s why we’ve decided to help you take your first steps towards a great WordPress website. Or fix some of the mistakes you’ve made in the past, of course. Next week, we’re releasing a new and free Yoast Academy course: WordPress for beginners!

Sounds interesting, what can I expect?

Whether you’re new to WordPress or looking to improve your setup, the course shows what a well-maintained WordPress site looks like. From what WordPress is and does, to managing your site with user roles and security: we cover it all. And everything in-between, like:

  • getting your site up and running;
  • using plugins, themes, and widgets to get your site exactly how you want it;
  • getting your settings right for your specific purpose;
  • writing captivating content and building a site structure that helps visitors find what they’re looking for;
  • updating and backing up your site, so you don’t run into trouble when something goes wrong;
  • of course: getting found in the search engines;
  • and as a bonus, you can also learn all about the history of WordPress and the open source WordPress community!

It’s all there for you to enjoy and learn from!

Aren’t there a million free WordPress tutorials out there already?

Yup, there are. But this one’s different, we promise. It’s not just a collection of videos, it’s an actual training course. All the information is broken up into carefully crafted and bite-size videos and screencasts, for an over-the-shoulder look into the details. Then, there are additional reading materials to help you really get to grips with the information. Of course, you can easily download and consult those when you’re working on your site yourself. And if that wasn’t enough, we have quizzes and exercises to really help you get the information permanently stored in your brain.

In this course, we don’t just throw information at you, then tell you “GOOD LUCK” and run away. We help you really understand and store everything there is to know long-term. Moreover, we have a treasure trove of experts who have been directly involved with WordPress for years, like Joost de Valk, Remkus de Vries, and Jono Alderson. They themselves have shaped what WordPress looks like and how it works. Sounds like people you could learn from, right?

Example of a video lesson by Joost de Valk in the WordPress for beginners course

Learn whenever you want, wherever you want

Like every other Yoast Academy training course, the WordPress for beginners training is online and on-demand. On top of that, it’s completely free of charge. This means you can do this course whenever you want, wherever you want. It’s all up to you!

How do I get this course?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? With this WordPress for beginners course, you’ll be able to create and maintain a WordPress site that does exactly what you and your visitors expect it to do. So, how does signing up for the course work? Next week, we’ll release the course. Of course, we’ll link to it in our newsletters and the release post. If you have a MyYoast account, the course will automatically show up in your Academy courses overview.

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