Happy sweet 16 WordPress, microblogging and Hello theme launch

We have a wide arrange of topics to discuss in this roundup. Everything from a perfect microblogging theme, to spinning up your WordPress hosting environment and lots in between. And, there are even some bonus links this time. Let’s dive in!

Happy Sweet 16 WordPress!

Today is an extra special day in the land of WordPress. It’s the 16th birthday of WordPress. It’s been 16 years since Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg released the first release of WordPress.

Elementor launches Hello theme

One of my favorite theme builders, Elementor, launched a theme in the WordPress repository that is fully compatibility with Elementor called Hello. It’s both a clean and lightweight theme that allows you to fully build the site whichever way you like.

For those of you wondering if there’s a place for Page Builders in this block-based editor era, I’d encourage you to play around with the Hello theme and the Elementor plugin and see for yourself. Both are freely available from within your WordPress Dashboards.

SpinupWP out of beta

About six months ago I mentioned an alternative solution for self-hosting your WordPress sites called SpinupWP. Last week, after having two developers working on it full-time for 15 months, 400 hours of design, and 300 beta users for six months, they finally launched out of beta. If you’re in the market for self-hosting your sites, you should check them out!


You might think that the only place where microblogging can take place is Twitter or Instagram, for instance. Well, microblogging – short messages that come in the form of a variety of content formats, including text, images, video, audio, and hyperlinks – also have a place in our favorite CMS: WordPress.

All you really need is a theme that makes your microblogging shine. And the Davis theme created by Anders Norén does exactly that.

Disable the WordPress blog

What if the site you’re building has no need for a blog? Well, there’s a plugin for that! The Disable Blog plugin to disables the blog functionality of WordPress. It does this by hiding admin pages and settings. It also redirects pages on both the front-end and admin side. Perfect for that static site you’re building.

Bonus links

  • When you want to share blog posts on social media, you need an image that matches your post. However, creating images for social media can be a pain. It is exactly this problem that Placid is trying to solve. It’s a premium solution, but it may be just perfect for you.
  • If you’ve ever needed a solution to create beautiful footnotes for your WordPress site, look no further. Footnotes Made Easy is the perfect, Gutenberg ready plugin for this.

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