WordProof, CoBlocks update, Genesis framework 3.0 beta and more

Another week, another news roundup! In this edition, we’ll cover an interesting solution to really authenticate your content. I’d also like to highlight a tutorial on how to add AMP to your site and a cool gallery block enhancing plugin. And there’s more, so let’s get started…

Time-stamping your content with WordProof

In this day and age where #fakenews is rampant, proving the authenticity and integrity of your content has become paramount. In some cases, you may even need to comply with privacy policy laws. Up until now, setting this up for your WordPress blog was extremely laborious and difficult to do.

WordProof solves exactly this problem by time-stamping your WordPress content to the Blockchain. And yes, this is the first real-life application with the blockchain that actually makes sense to me. All you need to do is install their plugin and follow the instructions to connect your site with the blockchain.

CoBlocks update

If you hadn’t noticed before, I’m a big fan of what Rich Tabor, now at GoDaddy, has done with the Block Editor enhancing CoBlocks plugin. Especially their galleries solutions are aces.

Yes, you read that correctly, the CoBlocks plugin comes with several variations, with different types of enhancements to the gallery block. They released their 1.10 version, which polishes the blocks even more, has easier maps, Form Block Spam Protection, and more. So, check out the plugin if you haven’t yet.

AMP your site up the right way

Bill Erickson walks us through building a Native AMP site. His tutorial takes the perspective of doing this in the Genesis Framework. But, don’t let that stop you from learning from it.

Genesis Framework 3.0 beta released

Genesis 3.0 will be the first big release in years. Since Genesis is already 9 years old, there were definitely things that could be removed and improved. The entire theme has been overhauled and, for instance, the blog template will be removed entirely.

One of the things which will be added to Genesis 3.0 is the integration with AMP. Which means that Bill’s above-mentioned AMP tutorial is actually easier to do with Genesis 3.0. You can try out the 3.0 beta and see for yourself.

Bonus links

  • WP Engine released a beta package of curated development tools. It’s called the DevKit and includes a local development environment, Genesis-specific functionality, and a wealth of other inclusions. It’s all geared towards helping you create and debug WordPress projects.
  • Gutenberg 5.9 was released and it adds a new type of notices called ‘Snackbars’. A ‘Snackbar’ displays a succinct message that is cleared out after a small delay.
  • The XML Sitemaps Feature Project Proposal was published. It’s a joint effort between us (Yoast), Google and various other contributors to get the sitemaps into WordPress Core.

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