What Are You Doing?

Barrie Davenport

I suppose like a lot of people, I’ve been reflecting on the past year – what I’ve accomplished, what I didn’t, and what I intend to strive for in 2013. The majority of my time is spent between work & college, which doesn’t leave much time after it’s all said and done. With that said, I started college about two years ago and if you had told me that I could find the time to finish all of the homework I’ve completed in that two years – I would have said you were nuts! So… on goes the quest for balance and finding where I fit in here on Earth.

Barrie Davenport has a groovy blog & just so happens to write on such topics. Her latest that prompted me to share this with you is:

What Are You Doing With What You’ve Been Given?

Not sure you wanna take the time to visit her site? Here’s a preview of the key areas her article covers:

  • Self-questioning
  • Listening to your intuition
  • Learning from past experience
  • Managing your time

Why in the world am I posting about this stuff? No, I’m not a religious fanatic & I’m not getting paid to link to her site! What I have figured out about myself is that somehow, in the grand scheme of things, I was given this computer nerd gift – and I don’t believe it’s just to make money for myself or someone else. I think the internet is one of the best things that this world has seen thus far. No, not the endless number of games, movies, or other mindless activities that can be done here. Think about it…we can connect with anyone, anywhere & virtually at any time. I believe that once the newness of being connected wears off, we’ll see a whole new realm of usage for the internet – and I can only hope that some of the true needs of the world can be met.

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