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I got a request for some help with this particular topic this morning so thought I’d pass it along. First of all, I think it’s worth mentioning the difference between the two: a delivery notification means that the email was delivered to the server & a read receipt means the email was actually opened by someone on the other end of the message.

Another point worth mentioning is that the user opening your message will normally have to “ok” you getting the notification that your message has been opened, so it’s not completely reliable but definitely another feature that’s nice to have. With all of that said, the user asking for help with this was running Outlook 2003 and here’s the solution for this specific situation:

Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003

To request read receipts on all messages you send in Outlook 2002 and in Outlook 2003, follow these steps:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. On the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options, and then click Tracking Options.
  3. Under For all messages I send, request, click to select the Read receipt check box, and then click OK.

If you are using another version of Outlook or would like more info, check out the details at:

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