The Divi WordPress Theme

Divi WordPress Theme

I have fallen in love with WordPress all over again and am taking a few minutes to send a shout out to my tribe just in case they have not discovered this gem yet. About two years ago I subscribed to Elegant Themes because of their top notch WordPress themes and have not been disappointed since. The main two things that stood out to me about Elegant Themes is the custom panel woven into the WordPress admin panel with all of their themes, and the other is a steady stream of very resourceful info that they pump out. All of that to say this – check out their latest theme: Divi. As a web designer & developer that started way back when tables were cool, I can say that these guys have knocked one out of the field with this creation.

So what does it do exactly that is so great? It puts a nice GUI drag & drop management interface into WordPress so that anyone with some basic WordPress knowledge can build and maintain their web site. Why is that such a big deal? It allows people like me to spend a minimal time on layouts and more time on fine tuning the details of a web site.

What if I already have a WordPress theme in place that I want to stick with? You are in luck! These guys have also recently launched a Divi plugin so that you can use the interface within ANY theme.

Why the big fuss? Divi comes loaded with pre-made layouts, responsive designs, content modules, and a ton of features packed into every single element.

My biggest challenge so far with Divi is finding the most efficient way to create child themes. There is a plugin to help with this but I am hoping to steer clear of another plugin installation so I am still exploring options. What about you guys? Have ideas or something in place on a site that is working for you?


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