MailChimp and Paul Jarvis #LetsRoll

MailChimp and Paul Jarvis #LetsRoll

After busting my ass for a few years in college, it’s done. That’s right folks…Salutatorian and all of the confusion that goes with graduating college is here. I’m forty years old and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. What I DO have is one helluva list of things that haven’t worked or that I really don’t care for so I’m starting there.

First things first, I enjoy helping people and I enjoy a lot of things web so here we are. Now what you ask. I ran across this guy named Paul Jarvis and pretty much immediately liked the guy. He’s real and he doesn’t sugar coat – and THAT I can get onboard with. In the midst of reading a countless number of his articles I discovered that he was on to something…he went from being someone that has the same twisted sense of humor to the guy that REALLY gets it. I suspect he has spent countless hours in front of the computer hacking away to find what works vs what doesn’t like myself and the guy (I call him rat boy) has come up with one helluva process from what I can tell. Go check out at Creative Class and let me know what you think.

Back to me – I wrote a few articles about two years ago and they still rank pretty damn well on Google & here’s the kicker.. I got to do some of the things I LOVE in the process of achieving a first page ranking.

  1. I got to be all nerdy and figure out some WordPress theme stuff
  2. I got to Photoshop up some screenshots and written directions
  3. I got to help some of you out DIY folks out there that also love WordPress

What’s your point, Donna?

My point is that I think it’s time to start writing more often instead of just sitting around getting that goofy smile when I think back on those few articles I wrote way back when.

So, the newsletter is called Tribe Notes and look to the right hand side of my web site for the handy form. I’ll be emailing once a week and subscriptions as well as emails will be handled via MailChimp.

Questions, suggestions, or rants? Drop me a line or leave a comment below and I’ll answer as soon as I can. Usually the same day but believe it or not, some days I try to stay off this thing. 😉

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