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Do you want to outrank all of your competitors on Google?

Of course, you do. After all more traffic equals more followers.

And more followers leads to more new customers buying your products and services.

But outranking your competitors with well-optimized SEO pages is not that easy.

You need to use a proven strategy that’s going to work for your specific business.

Search Engine Optimization is a long term commitment.

If you’re going to get into it, you’d better ensure results through well-thought-out SEO strategies customized for your specific website.

Luckily, there are two things you can do to maximize your SEO results.

  1. Hire an SEO marketing agency with a proven track record like NP Digital
  2. Hire an SEO Consultant who can build your entire SEO strategy.

Today we’re going to focus on the second option — How to choose the best SEO Consulting Services for your business.

So if you’re searching for the best way to guarantee your website ranking spot, you’re going to find the answer further down this post.

The Top 3 Options For SEO Consulting:

  1. Neil Patel Digital for the best Blog and Website SEO Consulting
  2. Louder.Online for dedicated Sales Funnel SEO Consulting
  3. Ecommerce Guide for dedicated Ecommerce SEO Consulting

How to Choose The Best SEO Consulting For You

You need to look at a couple of important factors if you want to find the SEO Consulting Services that are going to help rank your website optimally. 

Many SEO Agencies and SEO Consultants offer multiple ways to improve your ranking. And there’s nothing wrong with that…

You just have to find which are the most profitable ones for you.

So if you don’t want to get lost in ideas and actually implement the best practices in the world, here’s what we specifically look for when searching for SEO Consulting Services:

#1 Detailed SEO Strategy Development

Before you hire an SEO consultant/agency, you need to make an introduction call.

Your goal for the call is to see if the person speaking with you is an actual expert.

How do you do that if you don’t understand SEO?


See if the consultant on the other side is focused on helping you understand the process.

Even the toughest methodology can be explained through simple and result-oriented language.

If you feel like you’re speaking to a robot that just knows to recite his script, then he’s not the expert for you.

But if the consultant actually develops the SEO Strategy and explains it well on the call, then you know you’re talking with a real professional.

Then you move on to the next step:

#2 Monthly Content Calendar and Scheduling

Having a Content Calendar is the only way to not get lost in the tons of articles, blog posts, and pages you’re about to optimize.

The first step is to agree upon an optimal strategy with your consultant.

Then you need to make sure everything’s going according to plan at all times.

That factor shines when you’re trying to scale BIG.

We’re talking about 10-20 articles per week. One mistake in this process can delay months of results.

Dozens of different software will help with this. If you’re currently using one, just continue with it.

If you’re new to this, just ask your consultant for the one they use. 

Typically, the tools are pretty self-explainable and intuitive, especially if a professional consultant manages the process for you.

#3 Clear Expectations for both sides

You can’t expect to get your posts ranked for competitive keywords in the first week.

Sometimes it takes several months to even get close to the results you might be envisioning right now.

So making a detailed Keyword Research is crucial to get the hottest traffic with the least amount of posts.

Ranking for buying keywords is the best way to get sales if that’s your initial goal for the project.

But of course, they’re targeted by everyone, so you can’t rely simply on them.

The more posts you rank, the better your domain rating gets. The better domain ranking the easier it gets to rank your future posts.

So let your consultant make thorough keyword research and analysis of your market and niche.

Then ask them for what you can expect.

For which keywords can you get ranked immediately?

On average how much time do you need to wait to rank for the more competitive keywords?

There shouldn’t be any vague answers here, you should feel like the consultant really knows what they’re doing.

Then if you like what you hear, begin a long-term contract that would be beneficial to both sides.

#4 SEO Software

SEO Software is an SEO consultant’s right hand.

You have to make sure your consultant uses the most up to date software in the industry.

Here’s a detailed list of the best SEO tools you should be using to rank your posts on the first page of Google.

If your consultant doesn’t use tools, then he is not the right consultant for you.

At the very least he should be using Ubersuggest for his keyword research, simply because it’s the best SEO tool on the market.

Give it a shot yourself if you want to manage that part of the project:

The Different Types of SEO Consulting

Now after you know what to look for when searching for professional SEO Consulting Services… 

You need to know the different ways an SEO Consultant can help YOU rank your content.

Search Engine Optimization is not just writing text and using keywords.

There are countless factors when it comes to your ranking on Google.

So before you begin, you need to clarify what exactly you need help with.

An easy way to find that out is to ask yourself — Which part of my business brings the most sales?

You’ve got the answer? Good!

Here’re a couple of ways an SEO Consulting Services can help your business.

Choose the one that fits your needs:

#1 Company Website SEO Optimization

If your website is responsible for most of your sales and market positioning, then there’s a high chance that it’s the best place to drive traffic to.

Is that the case with you? 

Then you need to start writing more and more posts on subjects relevant to your products and services.

Here’s a couple of examples you can start with:

  • Product Reviews (in you niche — link your products) 
  • Step-by-Step guides that genuinely help the reader
  • Tutorials and Walk-throughs for people that are just getting started
  • TOP 3-5-7-10 lists (products, services, software, companies)

All of these are going to get you a lot of relevant traffic that you can redirect to your products and services.

#2 Ecommerce Store SEO Optimization

Are you in the Ecommerce space? Then you need to start optimizing these so valuable to your business product descriptions.

Of course, a consultant can help you optimize pages like your Home Page, About Us Page, Products/Services Page…

But without effectively ranked products you can forget about getting consistent sales from SEO.

That’s why you need to follow a proven SEO Product Description Strategy that can be easily implemented for all your current and future products.

#3 Sales Funnel SEO Optimization

More and more businesses nowadays move from websites to funnels.

That means you have singular pages that are interconnected through multiple buttons and links.

Typically people running sales funnels rely solely on paid ads to get as much targeted traffic as possible.

As that’s a good strategy on its own… It is NOT the best way to approach your long-term scaling.

If you begin with ranking your sales funnel pages and then move on to the paid ads, you’ll be able to run multiple split tests and ad campaigns until something clicks with the market.

That can take from 1 month to 2 years — just like SEO ranking

And the moment you achieve the best version of your funnel, you’ll already have consistent SEO traffic on top of the ads you’re running.

So if you’re using lots of sales funnels in your business, you should look at SEO Consulting Services as your best way to scale optimally.

Now to get into the fun part…

I’ll list the 3 SEO Agencies with the best Consulting Services in the business.

Why agencies and not individual consultants?

The best consultants in the TOP agencies have access to countless results, stats, and strategies that work right now.

So it’s in your best interest to have a call with someone of that caliber.

Just visit the agency that fits your needs and schedule a quick call with a professional who can make a detailed step-by-step SEO Strategy specifically for your business growth.

#1 – Neil Patel Digital — The Best For Website and Blog SEO Consulting

Given that you’re reading this article, you can see why Neil Patel has the SEO knowledge that’s going to scale your blog to the next level.

After all this exact blog you’re reading is ranked for every marketing term you can think of.

And NP Digital focuses uses the same exact strategies that got this blog to the TOP of Google.

It’s the best marketing agency when it comes to optimal Search Engine Optimization together with Website Conversion Rate Optimization.

That’s a proven system to have your readers come back for more content while also converting a high percentage of them for your products and services.

It’s simply the best way to grow your blog.

So if you’re looking to outgrow all of your competitors through well-thought-out SEO Strategies that are proven to bring consistent results…

Book a call with a professional now and prepare yourself for the best:

#2 – Louder.Online — Specialized Sales Funnel SEO Consulting

Are you more into Sales Funnels?

Do you want to optimize your Sales Pages for SEO while also maintaining high conversion rates?

Then you should speak with a leading consultant in an agency that specializes in bringing consistent, trackable results for Sales Funnels.

In our experience Louder.Online has been an atomic weapon.

Meaning their consultants are people that have years of experience and more importantly results.

So if you’re looking to optimize your sales pages, you should check out what Louder.Online has to offer.

Book a call with a consultant and they will show you the clear path to your funnel success: 

#3 – Ecommerce Guide — Specialized Ecommerce SEO Consulting

As we covered earlier, Ecommerce Stores MUST optimize their website if they want to be in business for a long time.

You should be optimizing all of your pages and product descriptions so you get all the traffic you can get your hands on.

The SEO strategy development here is far from simple. 

To make things easier for you, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to optimize your Ecoomerce Store’s SEO.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for the agency that’s going to do it for you…

Ecommerce Guide is one of the most known marketing agencies that helps Ecommerce Stores optimize their SEO Strategy.

Contact them and get a full SEO audit that will help your exact store situation.

And to summarise…

No matter where you’re right now, investing in SEO Consulting is a must if you want to scale your business efficiently.

Especially with the Corona Situation right now, you need to think about investments that are going to bring multiple X returns after the virus is gone.

And remember that this could take months and maybe even years.

That’s more reason to look into SEO Strategies and how they can help you get consistent long-term traffic.

I shared with you how to choose the right SEO Consulting Services for your business.

Now it’s time to go and get them.

Reading articles curiously is not going to get your desired results.

You MUST take action!

The faster you do it the better the results you’ll get.

The more you delay it the more you’re going to struggle to start…

And most likely you’re going to come up with an excuse to miss out on these results your business desperately needs.

So go schedule some calls and don’t step back!

Have you ever paid for SEO Consulting Services before? Were the results what you expected and why?

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